Good day to all. I woke up feeling pretty good today. Last night I discovered I can drink Hawaiin Punch and not get sick. WOO HOO!  I postponed my ob doctor visit til Nov 4 insted of Oct 21 bcuz that way I can get all of my appointments out of the way during the first few days of the month each month and not have to worry whether I have gas to get there or not. Friday at our local AIDS Project there is going to be a forum on WOMEN AND HIV. I look forward to that. The last one I thought was quite stupid but then again there was this rep telling us the proper times to diclose our status. I think personally its up to the individual. But to hear if you are only going to kiss some one whether it be deep kissing or not you should not disclose.  As I said its totally up to the idndividual as I see it unless there is some sex happening then its mandatory. We will see how this one turns out. SATURDAY is my nephew Dominicks 4th birthday party and My grandson first birthday party to attend besides his own. My daughter was very reluctant to go and to let him go but I talked her into it. There will be a bounce house which Tina is scared out of her mind to let Zakkery get into but my other moms told me that they would make the bigger kids stay out whild he is in there, bigger meaning crazy 4-5 year olds. There will be little ones beside Zakkery sso it will be great. I decided that for Christmas I am going to get Zakkery a motorized ride on toy. like a little motorcycle or something low enough to the ground that he can get on and off of. JC Penny. Com has them pretty cheap.  My daughter is not impressed with my idea bcuz he can fall, heck he falls off of his riding train that is taller than the little motorcycle I want to get him. 


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