My name is CAtherine. I'm 19 years old and I have terrible anxiety. I'm here to get help from people going through what I am. Let me give you my background:
I believe I had anxiety my whole like my I only became aware of it last year. Last summer, after I graduated highschool, I became so fearful of getting sick. It really took a toll on me because I stopped eating and ended up losing 60lbs in 3 months.
I see a psychologist and I am taking Paxil and clozepam. Most of the time I don't take it (it slips my mind) and I end up going through withdrawal symptoms and become extremely anxious. Hence why I am writing this right now.
I'm also on birth control because I get very ill during my peiods (I believe I have endometriousis, but it can't be diagnosed) The pill has been making me a little sick.
Whenever I get anxious I go to my mom, but she isnt here right now, I hfave no idea where she is. I'm really upset due to my anxiety and I have no one to turn to because no one understands what it is like to have anxiety.
IThis is the worst I have been in awhile I belive it is from stress because I am going to school monday-friday and going to work right after school monday through friday. Also my sister is getting married on Saturday.
I just really need help….sometimes I feel like I should be in a mental hospital becfause I have so many problems (not going to list hem all) and sometimes I dont even want to live. Just because I say that doesnt mean I'm going to committe suicide, FYI. But yeah, I just dont want to live sometimes.

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  1. padsquad1 9 years ago

    I\'m 19 too going through the same thing. I have my good days and my bad days but it will get better soon.

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