*Deep Breath* Hello! My name is Elizabeth May Greene, but please call me Aliza May. So I wanted to create this blog because, well, sometimes I like to vent, and talk about my irrelevant life! So if you don’t want to read this, it’s okay. Really, it is. So I’m 13 years old. I know, I’m young for this site, but I want to be completely honest here. I trust this place. I struggle from moderate-severe depression (usually on the more moderate side of the spectrum). I take medication, but it doesn’t help. You know what else doesn’t help? The fact that I’m part of the LGBTQIA+ community. At the current moment, I identify as a female. But I’ve been questioning a little bit… anyway, I also like, well, other females. It’s kind of hard to say, because someday I might not be, and in that case I wouldn’t want to know. I’m also not positive of my sexuality. I used to be positive that I was 100% Lesbian. But now I almost want to say that I’m bisexual. Maybe Pan? I also am demiromantic, and probably demisexual. I’m not exactly thinking of… doing IT at the moment, so I don’t need to worry about that. I  have a girlfriend, and she is everything to me, but she is positive that she’s straight… *cough* doesn’t work like that *cough*. Anyway, the point of this blog entry was to introduce myself to you, my nonexistent reader. Let’s sum it up. I’m a 13 year old who’s questioning her sexuality and gender. Said teenager also has mental illnesses. She has depression and is bipolar. Also very very fat. That’s really all I have to say to you. To be completely honest, I’m still here because I’m trying to make the 300 word count. Aaaaaand I just made it. I’ll come write more once something interesting happens in my life! See ya later.

~Aliza May

  1. delane1 3 years ago

    Aliza May, ummm….i have a question for you: why is there a need to identify as any specific ‘type’ of person, regarding sexuality? i get that you’re 13, and are just beginning to learn about ‘life’ really, but i don’t think it’s a bad question to ask. i mean, some people, sure…they tend to want to be identified based on their sexuality–for whatever reason. Personally, i prefer to identify with the individual, without labels and stereotypes. But, that’s me. (Again, what do i know? lol)
    i do hope you can vent and be yourself, as well as get some helpful support and suggestions.

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    • Author
      alizamay 3 years ago

      Hey! No, I totally get the idea of just identifying as *you* without labels, but at the moment I really just want to know what the heck I am. I appreciate the response :)))))
      ***hugs back***

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