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In Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway, comes from his personal knowledge after serving in the Italian army during World War I. Consequently in the novel, the characters criticize the war and views it as the source of their misery.Since Hemingway experienced the war first hand, wrote dispatches from innumerable frontlines, and used war as a backdrop for many of his most memorable woks one example is Farewell to Arms.(Putman) Therefore, in his most accomplished novel, Hemingway exposes the truth about how people avoided the grim reality of war during World War I, via the experiences of his main character Lieutenant Fredrick Henry

World War I also known as the Great War, was fought from 1914-1918 on every ocean and on almost every continent, however most of the fighting took place in Europe. Hemingway talks about the war mainly concentrating in Italy where the Italians allied with the British, French, and Americans against Germany and Austria-Hungary.(75 interesting facts about war) However, the battle of Caporetto, Italy, is where Italy had a major defeat and retreat. Although the battle of Caporetto is one the most important battles of World War I, has not been studies in depth by English speaking-Authors. Fortunately, for most English writers such as Ernest Hemingway became a point of interest mainly because he serve the Italian army even though he joined after the event. How it started. Many fought and countless fell during this time but the consequences of the war on soldiers was disastrous. Explain.

B. The consequences of World War I in Italy

C. horrors the soldiers had to go through while in the service

Woman is one way Hemingway reveals how soldiers distracted themselves from horrors of the war. Located within range Soldiers apt to use Brothels to provide soldiers with an escape from the filth and slaughter of the trenches and especially because they didn’t know when they might be killed in battle as during the bloodiest phase of war, a junior officer had six weeks to live on an average, so soldiers tried to utilize their few moral days. By 1960 there where many licensed and unlicensed brothels where woman offered their cervices.(war history online) Therefore, since Hemingway had a good understanding on how the soldiers morality worked, he decided to talk about it in his book Farewell to Arms via the use of some of his characters within the novel. Rinaldy is one example for the reason that Hemingway portrayed him in his novel as

of On of Hemingway’s character, Rinaldi is a great example—-.

A. Character in the book other than the main characters that use woman to forget the war

B. In the book “Farewell to Arms” Lieutenant Henry intends to follow Catherine’s game to get as far away from talk of the war as possible.

C. Catherine decides to seduce Henry to forget about her fiancé’s death.

Another way soldiers avoided the grim reality of war according to Ernest Hemingway, was through the use of alcohol. Alcohol was used by the military to cope with the intense stress of battle and also to soothe the horrible memories they had while in the front. (A. Throughout the book Hemingway had the characters constantly drinking specially Fredric Henry.

B. Hemingway described drinking in his book as a way to cope with the intense stress of battle

C. Facts of how much alcohol was consumed during World War I

Most of what Hemingway wrote in his book “Farewell to Arms” was due to his experiences in war, during the First World War. In 1918 Ernest Hemingway volunteered to serve in the Italian army as an ambulance driver with the America Red Cross. It is during that time when Hemingway had two major experiences which led him to write his most accomplished novel of all times, according to critics. The first experience occurred in July 8, 1918, when a trench mortar shell struck him while he crouched beyond the front lines with three Italian soldiers therefore landing him in the Milan hospital where he fell in love with Red Cross nurse named Agnes Von Kurowsky. Much is said about the nurse’s role in Hemingway’s novel Farewell to Arms as her relationship with Catherine is very similar. Moreover, the novel was written in many places, the first draft in Big Horn, Wyoming and the final product was finished in Paris in the spring of 1929.( Maier, Charles)

C. year in which Hemingway wrote “Farewell to Arms” and how much influence did it had on his experiences in war.

Ernest Hemingway had a good understanding of the effects of war on soldiers and how they managed to live through it for he spent part of his life fighting in the front as an ambulance driver serving in the Italian army(Putman). In Farewell to Arms, the uninterested attitude of Lieutenant Fredrick Henry is meant to represent Hemingway himself, and the irony of the destruction on nature, is just a reason why Hemingway opposes the war. Therefore, Hemingway uses Lieutenant Henry to tell the truth about World War I on his own novel just like if it was a diary.


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