Hmmm….had a wee bit of a set back…

Well actually more than a bit. Went a bit wierd and overwhelmed over simple tasks and completly broke down. All that crying and worrying, as usual, wore me out and i slipped into a horrible dream full of bizzare nightmares so i woke up in a pool of sweat but i felt a little bit calmer.


When i look back at the last couple of weeks i realise i have been totally losing grip on my new found happiness and saneness (if that is a word). Ive been burying my head over so many issues and I know thats the reason i’m feeling so down because i feel like such a failure. Still, at least I know how to solve it I guess. It just takes so much work to get myself to the point where I can honestly say I’m ok and its so hard to keep myself on track.


Maybe its because I’ve been put down to 20mg from 40 of citalopram – its been a couple of weeks on 20…if you’re reading this what do you think?

=Heres my story in a nutshell – a family member dies, my dperession goes up a level – thie results in me not going to any classes (im at uni), i stop washing my hair and making myself look presentable, i stop doing chores, i spend too much on junk food (resulting in alot of weight gain!) and i spend too much on material things to try and make me happy.oh and i cry at the stupidest things, i get angry all the time, i feel in constant despair and isolation.  I stopped all that when i was put on citalopram 40mg and now its all come back – help!

Should i go back to 40mg?

  1. Baggs 12 years ago

    it can take a lot longer than a couple of weeks for your body to adjust to the new dose of meds – yes, I would seriously consider going back up

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  2. cantik 12 years ago

    u try not to think to much and is good that u are make yourself busy…the best is try to do the thing what u love to do and chat with some one u are confident with…also take care yourself properly…that is the most u need to do…just never give up on anything u do in life….the past is memory and open your life in the new life …focus in what u love to do and forget everything that make u sad…is true all that is need long time to heal..but u got to fight for it if u want to have happy live… not to eat junk food is not good for your health and try to eat home food is better safe than sorry….so do your best to figth for it and i believe so long u want to do it u will get it…get the live that u want in your life….gooodluck and that is what i can do for u and remember here is the place that u willl find some help and lot is really care for u….u are still young and u  will find lot of happinest in your life…just fight for it and never give up….cantik…((hugss)))…:)

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