there was a man who owned a logging company..he wanted to hire the best truck driver..he narrowed it down to three…he asked them, your going to be on a steep mountain side..its going to be very close to the edge do you think you can get before falling off..he sat back and said, i can get my tires 3 inches from the edge..asking the same question to #2, i can bet that, i can get my tires 1 inch from the edge…turning to #3, well sir, i dont know how close i can get to the edge cause i stick as close to the side of the mountain as possible..he hired the 3rd…now this can be looked at in two ways, either you dont take chances know when to rely on common sense..i chose the second meaning..after working in the frame shop for a day, i saw it was a self injurer’s paradice..i would be working with razors of all kinds, electric nail and staple guns, glass, heat wands…i fought very hard to recover from self injury..i dont need to see “how close to the edge” i can drive..i went to turn in my smock today telling them there is a medical reason i cant work back there and to thank them for their time and she said not going to let your quit..we can transfer you to a different dept..we really like you and dont want to loose me in a few when your feeling better(i had just come from a session and was crying) and we will work you in somewhere…just when you came to the conclusion that the world hates you, someone throws a monkey wrench in the works…go figure..tomorrow i go to a mindfulness relaxation training class my doc signed me up for to help me regulate my emotions..oh boy…here we go!…:tongue:


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