Good mornin Tribe!!!

Hope everyone had a good nites sleep. Was good here.

How do u start ur day? For me personally, I wake up and immediatly (sp?) begin to pray. It just starts my day off the right way. Of course, I pray often during the day, but something about praying when I wake up just seems to help.

There are ppl who only pray when things get bad. During the good times, pray seems to be far away. I know cuz I was one of them type of ppl. I never forgot, I just didnt do it. I tried things on my own, and guess what that got me … a hot mess of a life.

Today is different. I pray constantly, live my life the best I can according to God's Word, love others, and repent quickly when I do sin, which is often, but I know enough to know that God is faithful to hear and forgive.

Funny how things have changed just in the last year. I used to pray and beg God to help with each hangover. Promising to never do it again if only He would help me. How selfish was that! I had to make a choice, I had to make it completely alone, on my own. I did 11 months ago, and even though I still want a drink at times, it is easier to say, No Way Baby!!! I see now, where God brought me from and where I wll never return!

I am no where near perfect!!!!! I fail everyday in someway … mostly in my thoughts. They try to get the best of me, and at times, they do … but the battle is not mine anymore … I ask for His help and he continues to provide a way …

We sing a lil chorus at church, Victory Is Mine … goes like this …

Verse 1
If I hold my peace,
let the Lord fight my battles;
I know that the victory shall be mine,
victory shall be mine.

Verse 2
If I walk upright,
all my battles He will fight;
I know that the victory shall be mine,
victory shall be mine.

Victory shall be mine,
victory shall be mine.

We add whatever we need … peace, money, healing, etc … and, when the rubber meets the road, I believe it with all my heart!

Exodus 14:14 says, "The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace."

So I pray … ok Lord, your word says, u will fight for me and I will hold my peace, so let's do it.

Praying is simply talking to Him about ANYTHING. We all have to believe in something, someone. I choose to believe in God, in his word and his promises.

Well, gotta get ready for work, short day … love to all …



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