Right now I am feeling so much stress and anxiety and it has me teetering on the bring ok a downward spiral. I think I mad some poor choices in the past few months and everything is about to blow up in my face. Back in October my neighbor and I had started talking about moving into a new apartment together to save on rent. I think I may have agreed a little too hastily because I just wanted to save money since living on my own is just too expensive. So we went looking at apartments and found a place and put down a deposit and our move in date is supposed to be tomorrow. Yesterday she freaked out on me because I didn't want to go to dinner with her and continued to press me to go after I had politely declined 3 or 4 times. She wouldn't let it go and I wanted some space and privacy since I was recouping from a rough day at work. Now it has blown up into her not sure if she wants to go through with the move because I wanted to stay home and not go to dinner with her. A bit of an overreaction I think, but I am not sure if I want to live with someone who is going to expect me to drop everything for a last minute dinner invitation. I'm just not like that, I plan things out and hate instability and impulsiveness. Well if we decide not to go through with the move I need to move out this weekend and where am I supposed to go?! I have nowhere, no time, and I am freaking out. I cannot concentrate on anything and I just want to SCREAM…what do I do? I don't think I want to live with this girl but I don't want to be homeless either…fuck.


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