yesterday was bad enough with ultimatiums, but later that evening it got worse. apparently i'm not being a good girlfriend. i was told that i'm not wanting sex and i suppose there is some truth to that… when i'm dealing with my depression and/or stress i tend not to feel like having sex. she complains that i'm not wanting to do anything around the house.. i get the house clean before she wakes up in the morning so when i'm done… i go on the computer because there isn't anything else to do in this small town. i can't go anywhere right now because my car isn't working and she is always running around doing errands for family members.

she tells me that i don't keep up on the cleaning… days will go by before the dishes get washed.. omg!!! i have a bad back and can't stand long. that is why i had to get a caregiver provider to help me around the house. i don't know why she is complaining about that because the kitchen is clean and her niece is now employed. i sometimes wonder if she just wants me to give her niece a job so she can get a paycheck but do the work myself. then she gets on my case of not taking care of myself. okay i will admit that i will put everyone else before myself and my own health. i am trying to work on that. i'm trying to stay on a regular schedule f taking my medication and getting some exercise in. of course she doesn't see it because she is either asleep or not here.

then the grand daddy of them all…. she claims that i'm forcing her to spend time with my niece. i will admit that i do ask her if she can take my niece with her when she goes babysit her other nieces & nephews… so she can have other kids to play with. if she doesn't want to all she has to say is 'no'. i wouldn't get upset and i don't. but what upsets me is that she claims she treats all of them the same as she treats my niece and that is the biggest crock of lies ever. she doesn't. in fact, she babys one in particular that is the same age as my niece. she claims that my niece reminds her of her ex-wife's daughter (kid from hell). my niece is spoiled and an only child but she is nothing like the other kid. we were raised differently but i have never stopped my gf from grounding her when she does something wrongso i dont understand her reasoning for this. sometimes i wonder if she is looking for a way out of this relationship.

i'm hoping its just hormones causing it because she just found out that she is menopausal .she acts like a woman going through bad p.m.s.


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