WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I can finally blog!!!!

Blog from Tuesday:

I am back home after a stay at A hospital. I got to the hospital at 9 Wednesday night, October 16 and left the afternoon of October 21st. The hospital is mainly for those suffering from drug addiction and withdrawal. While I was so bored between activities, the people I had the chance of meeting were great, most of them anyway. In the past, when I have stayed at the same hospital, my stay was about 5 days.
Wednesday October 16: the afternoon I saw a new therapist. She asked me about past events (most are painful) and new therapist feels I have become suicidal. She coaxed me to let her call a hospital to admit me. I was able to go home, eat dinner and pack things I would need. I arrived at the hospital at 9 pm. While waiting for an assessment, I began to regret being there and wishing I could go home. I felt I was going to go home but a man (can’t remember his title) told me I had 2 choices: voluntarily admit myself or wait longer (it was about 2 am at this point) and be forcefully admitted. I was so tired and knew my parents (who were with me) had to work in the morning. So I sign the papers for being admitted. I was taken to the “A/B block” and while more paper work was filled out, I waited another hour. I didn’t get a room until 4 am. I had been up since that morning.
Thursday October 17: I am woken up early and finally get up around 9, only getting 4 or five hours of sleep. I have to stay on the block until I can see a doctor meaning I am unable to go to the cafeteria to eat my meals. My doctor’s last name is Tate. She is very nice and understanding. During my first full day, I see a medical doctor, get my blood drawn for testing and have some groups. That night, I have to move to another room in the B section. I have a roommate, Nancy. She is a grandma and at the hospital for blood pressure (her blood pressure was so high, she was hallucinating and saying dark things). I began to see Nancy didn’t belong there. I became close with her and her to me. I tried to be helpful and there for her.
Friday October 18: It is my aunt’s birthday. I learn my family meeting is the next day. I have a hard time separating one day from another and some events may be inaccurate.
Saturday October 19: I meet with a social worker and my parents. We discuss what I plan to do when I return home. I agree to see a therapist weekly and tell my parents if I have bad thoughts or low moods.
Sunday October 20: Again the day is uneventful. I find out I am going home for sure Monday afternoon. My roommate also is going home the same day.
Monday October 21: I am woken up at 5:30 for a blood pressure check (my blood pressure has been fluctuating from 118 – 155 because I was unable to find my wallet and medications). Then 30 minutes later, the fire alarm goes off. A Hall (where kids stay) may have had smoke in it. I decide to stay awake and shower. I was allowed to get a razor and shave my legs. I felt happy because of the shower and to know I was going home in the afternoon. I ask another patient to fix my hair before I go home. She is a black lady and braids my hair into cornrows (I think). I decide to give her a few bucks (the hair style was painful and took 2 hours). The lady, R, was a battered wife and didn’t have any money to buy little snacks. I agreed to give her a few bucks if she styled my hair like she had for another lady. I didn’t expect her to style all of my hair or for it to take 2 hours. However, I felt the pain and the time spent was well worth it. I wish I could have said my good-byes to the group but I left before I really had a chance. I have thought about writing them a letter but I am not sure they will get it. I would call if I had a patient’s id number. I will try to speak with at least one person so a message can be past along. Had Chinese meatballs for dinner (so awesome)!!!
Tuesday October 22: The first night back in my bed was great!! I was able to stretch out and sleep on a real mattress (those at the hospital felt like crib mattresses, as my roommate said). I got out of bed around 9:30 and have been taking it easy before some chores and unpacking need to be done.
I feel so happy and cared for!!!

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  1. Ellowynne 7 years ago

    So glad for you honey.  So glad.

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