• I want to have endless things to say.
  • I want to be able to fight and know how to deal with winning and losing.
  • I want to be able to give a one knock out punch.
  • I want to know the street words.
  • I want to be working very hard and learning loads about technology so I make absolutely everything.
  • I want to find my own real voice tone.
  • I want to be really good at approaching people and also leaving them.
  • I Want to stop them trying to pick me up and change where Im Coming from into daft celebration mode.
  • I want to have draft questions I use, open questions, that either they tell me what I’m asking for or admit they don’t want to help me therefore don’t like me.
  • I need my brain to get better as I can’t learn anything anymore or  even listen to conversations.
  • I want remember everything.

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