So I’m very out and open about being a lesbian and I usually am able to just scream it out and talk about it happily and loudly for no reason, but now I’m stuck in my house with lowkey homophobic people (dad and brother) the only person who doesn’t mind me talking about my gay is my mom. Talking about it even a little bit around my dad makes me uncomfortable and him mad and upset. With my brother it’s a big no no. I can’t i need to say something about my gay, I keep thinking they think this “faze” is over and I’m straight, or I was just lying and forgot about it, or I was heartbroken and I’m ok now, or something bad and this combined with my anger, anxiety and depression I haven’t been able to get much sleep, almost every night I’ve had these frightening and intense breakdowns. I hit myself, scream at myself, can’t breath, cry (lots), I pull my hair, I shake and tremble in fear and anger, I pull at my ears, and eventually collapse onto the ground in tears and in pain. I’ll sit and cry in pain and extremely angry, stressed, sad, and feeling weak. I have to sit for 20 minutes or more before I can get back up stably and without still breaking down. I need to go back to school. I’m sorry if I seem to be an attention seeking drama queen, or a stuck up brat, or something else like that. I just am struggling and need to talk with someone. Please. Someone talk to me.

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  1. mariana-vidal 1 year ago


    Well, I partially get what you are feeling, I’m not out at all because I know that my family, especially my biological father would never in a million years accept me. He is probably the most homophobic. person ever.

    I would love to talk to you!! Sending you lots of LOVE

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