Hi. My name is Alexander Michael and I am a female to male transgender boy. I am here to teach you struggles about me and how transgender people are not bad and are valid. Well I guess to start off with I am 14 and I have really always felt more drawn to being alone due to the fact I never fit in. When I was  younger I had long tangled dirty hair and messing clothes and I swear an inch of dirt covering me. My mom would try to put me in dresses but I never loved them and got dirty. When I was eight my mom cut my hair into a bob it has been shorter and shorter since. When I was ten I got my first boy cut which personally I loved. I take pride in dying my hair and cutting it and styles because I think it means a lot to me. 2016-2017 was one of the hardest times in my life. My parents found out I was transgender. They did not approve and neither did my family but my boyfriend and his family approved. My family made it to where only now in February of 2018 I can get shorter boy haircuts. My boyfriend is the biggest support in my life and his family supports me. When somebody comes out as transgender or non binary or anything you need to give them all your love and support because it is so hard. To me I hate how it is seen as bad or uncommon because when I was younger if someone I knew or saw on television would have been transgender or pansexual or any LGBTQ+ member it would have been way easier. I have suffered from eating disorders self harm and tons of dysphoria. To me my body is majorly flawed and I dislike it.  My hips, my chest, my “area”, my face, my arms, my legs, my butt, and just everything to me is to feminine. I have not started testosterone but goodness I cannot wait till I do. Well I will keep posting about me and struggles and just things I need to get out. Goodbye lovelies.

  1. macotaco 4 years ago

    I am inspired by your strength. 🙂 Good luck dude!

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