I just had the most horrible argument with a friend, practically my girlfriend, and it excalated to the point where now she is going to take everything of hers out my house. I tried to back off many times and told her we could continue this another day but it didn't happen. And then she unloaded a bomb on me and told me some stuff that people were saying about me a long time ago, co workers. I was in shock. She had kept this from me for 17 years. It's 3:30 in the morning and I need to go to bed but can't sleep. I had started the conversation by asking her if she could try to make me feel more special now and then. Like when I'm sick send a text saying "hope you're feeling better," like anything. She was drinking wine at the time and had consumed close to 4 glasses by the time we were "finished." Even after she had left and went back to her place I drover to her place to drop off some things I know she needed and was still sarcastic and rude. Then the texting started after I got back to my place again. And the pain started all over again. Relentless insults. I've been depressed for a few years now. At times it feels like serious depression. I get really really bad headaches and she and a lot of other people don't understand how rough it is when you are dealing with pain all the time and trying to function. I realize I just shifted to another subject quickly cause my mind is racing. I just wish I wasn't so misunderstood. I wish we hadn't argued. I know I'm gonna wake up and look at what I typed and cringe.

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  1. Try3113 8 years ago

    stuff happens, just try to listen and dont interupt, try to  hear what she says. you can learn and be a better person after the fallout.

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