My mother has been married 3 times and had numerous boyfriends. She has had 5 children but bascially I am an only child. She had 3 sons to her first marriage. I had not met them. When I was 13 I decided I wanted to find my half brothers. I was curious. One day there was a knock on the door and there stood 2 of my half brothers to my mothers shock. She had left their father who was very abusive and violent. He had threatened her if she tried to leave with the boys he would kill her. So she left in the middle of the night without her children. That man is now in jail for murdering his de-facto wife years later. Anyhow….After meeting my 2 half brothers, my mother let one of them stay with us. we shared a room, we even shared a bed one night. Nothing happened mind you. But I started to develop feelings for my half brother. He was just a guy I had just met as far as I was concerned, he wasn’t a relation to me, I hadn’t grown up with him. I wrote him a letter and put it under his pillow, telling him the feelings I was experiencing. He was like, 24 or something at the time. Remember I was 13 and hormonal. So one night I crept into his room, long story short , we ended up in bed together. To my horror my mother came into the house from her bedroom which was attached outside, I ran to the bathroom , naked, locked the door, and trembled in fear for what was going to be discovered. Of course my mother was beyond shocked and angry and appalled at what was going on between her two children. She kicked my half brother out, called the police. Demanded that I come out of the bathroom. so there I was in a towel that barely covered me, my mother wouldn’t let me get dressed. She had me sit on the lounge in front of two police officers. I don’t think she realised what had gone on and who had instigated this until I said, “I love him”. She scoffed at me and said, “what do you know about love”. My mother tried to have my half brother found and charged with carnel knoweldge, but I don’t think they did anything. It was the start of many running away attempts. I ended up finding my half brother and running away interstate with him in a stolen vehicle. He was a car theif. , but that is a story for another time…..

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  1. wheretheavacados 1 month ago

    are you guys together?

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