I probably should, but haven’t told my parents I’m pan and most likely gender fluid (I’ve been noticing I feel more like a guy than a girl at sometimes and flip, flop) and I probably should, but I do this weird thing where I plan things out in my head I like write a script of the worse possibilities that could possibly happen, so yeah any advice on how to tell them?Oh, one more thing my mom once said that I could love anybody I truly loved, girl or boy and she’d be ok with it. I have also told my friends I’m pan and one of them said “oh cool I’m bi” and my two other ones are asexual.(and I kinda have a crush on my friend who said she’s bi) but I have not told them I might be gender fluid. Heeellp please?        -sal

  1. bay-2 2 years ago

    I’m in the exact same situation. I honestly didn’t realize other people had the same problems as me. Reading this it seems obvious to me what you should do, but I know that I would never be brave enough to do it myself. So here goes… I think you should start off by telling your closest friends that you’re fender fluid and get more comfortable with pronouns and things like that. And then I would tell the crush. Good luck!!

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      salsaysgetaway 2 years ago

      So I told my friends I’m gender fluid, but I feel like I should wait a bit to tell the crush because she said HER crush had a girlfriend and she went back (hopefully temporarily) to being straight. uggghhhh

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