I met a man with a tale to tell…




Charlie G


I show to the world that I'm a man;


But in reality, I have no plan.


Spend my time holding up a mask;


It is not easy, it is a task.


Peel back the lips and show them a grin;


Inside I’m a loser, but they see a win.


Wheeling & dealing was my daily achievement;


Squealing and reeling in self bereavement.


I’d lie, steal or charm to finish the deal,


Anything to keep from having to feel.


That is who I was, until I was prod;


To step off the ledge; let go & let God.


I met a man with a tale to tell;


“I can get you out of this hell.”


“That war raging inside you, that you can’t ever win?


It doesn’t have to be where you’re going – just where you’ve been.”


“Hell, you’d attempt Mt. Everest for one more pill;


But it’s just 12 easy steps up Sobriety Hill.”


12 simple steps, then you’ll soar like a bird;


Confident, assured, apart from the herd.


Flying high overhead, looking down at the past;


Where you spun your wheels in despair, going nowhere real fast.


The price for this? The cost of the bill?


Was the simple giving up of my own self-will.


So I agreed to his terms, I said I’d give it a try;


Because using was misery, It’d long since lost it’s high.


So here’s what I did, 12 steps in all;


After reading the Big Book & getting a sponsor to call:


Starting with step one, that was a breeze;


Step two was tricky, wasn’t “God” just a tease?


Step three was a big one, if I wanted to be free;


Giving up my will; not depending on me.


The next one was honesty, that’s the heart of step four;


What I’d kept hidden for so long; I now opened that door.


In step five I admitted all – to God, man & me;


And the guilt that consumed me – now let me be.


Six is my defects, God take them away;


And in seven, I knelt down and that’s what I pray.


Making a list of my wrongs, this was step eight;


Ready & willing, it’s never too late.


Nine takes time; it should be done face to face;


Making amends when you can, and always with grace.


Ten is done daily, a close look at me;


Cleaning my house is what keeps me free.


But the greatest for me is when I do step eleven;


Drawing closer to God; closer to Heaven.


Step twelve, you’re finished! But you’ve only begun;


When you see another still suffering, you tell them how it’s done.


So, what I want you to remember, what I need you to know;


Is what someone told me a long time ago:


That war raging inside you, that you can’t ever win?


It doesn’t have to be where you’re going – just where you’ve been




Charlie G


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