Trying to make someone understand what depression is is like trying to explain colors to a blind man… No matter what they won't be able to understand. And really I've tried my best to let someone know what I'm going thru and how it's affecting me. I reached out and I was shut down. The only response I get sometimes is “maybe you should snap out of it” or “maybe a mental hospital would be able to help” and really sometimes all I want to hear is “I'm here for you”. I'm not crazy. Depression doesn't mean insanity it just means going to a very difficult time and unfortunately it affects my every day simple tasks. It requires understanding and patience. I do my best to function every day and not let it get in my way so i don't hear the complains but I quit. I try but it's never good enough and I get no cooperation! I didn't wake up one day and decided I would be depress and make everyone's else lives impossible. I didn't ask for this but they make it seem like I do it on purpose. And I'm exhausted trying to be normal for others and battle this on my own. And the circumstances of my life at this moment are not making better for me. It's not them enduring the pain or loss of anyone in their family. It's not them that had to mourne over someone and now having to watch their mother going slowly over cancer, I survived it when I was young I never wanted to see my own mother deal with it as well. Seeing family members go one by one, it's not them watching their sister recover from a stroke or watch their best friend struggle to breath due to a lung disease an hope for a miracle of finding lungs that match. It's not them breaking down and trying to stay strong for my family and my two kids. It's not them it's me and they still don't understand why I'm breaking slowly and I'm hurting. I quit!

  1. snowdreamer 9 years ago

    Wow honey this sounds like I wrote it for myself!  I get the "you need a like" "you should feel lucky for what you have" and on and on so I stopped trying to talk to them and when I'm asked I say ok and put on that fake face.  That's why I come in here because everyone understands but having someone in person is something I don't have and really need….Try to keep your head high sweetheart I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers….

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  2. Brokenwings7 9 years ago

    Snowdreamer and still_hopeful thank you. It is comforting to know that there are some that understand. Even if they are not your own family.

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  3. Brokenwings7 9 years ago

    Thank You Heather. Sadly people only think someone is really hurting only if there is blood shed, or with a fever or with some sort of physical wound. They cannot believe what they cannot see 🙁

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