was upset(pissed off) last night so declined invitation to go out. realize today how good an idea that was. the girls i hang out with, let's just call one of them "miss bully", we are not friendly anymore. she picks on me, calls me names, tries to do unkind thinks of various natures. miss bully went out with friends last night. they were at a party and ran into a girl i know only causually, but she is very sweet, let's call her alex.

alex is the most beautiful girl ive ever seen and she is also very mellow and relaxed. she seems great from the little i know her. last night alex apparently got in over her head and passed out drunk. "miss bully" saw this and proceeded to go over, pull down alex's shirt and bra and expose her breasts, proceeding then to take a picture of it on alex's cell and sending it to her mom. awful. disgusting. i hate it, and i hate that none of my friends that were there made a concerted effort to stop her, reprimand her or make her delete the pics that now "miss bully" has on her cell….ahh. isn't that illegal or something? things like this are not uncommon with those people, but it still builds up into making me feel so angry because i have no control of the situation but friends do….and they basically, in my mind enable "miss bully" to do what she wants and get away with it.

i hate that, it happens so often and i hate it because even if i should just let it go, i don't want to think that people are capable of what "miss bully" does….even worse i don't want to think that good people will stand by and let her do it. it scares me and it makes me so mad that they all still think they are good people, and i just cannot see it, and it makes me feel bad about the world and humanity that natural order, human nature stops it, does not accept it. i will never look back at things like this and laugh, getting older, moving away, having a different life….i am still reminded of what people can be like….something i did not know before sophmore year in college. ]

i know people are human, they make mistakes, i just cannot seem to accept that people will let injustice and cruelty go on when they can stop it. i can't imagine what alex must be feeling right now, and if i had any sway i would go over and tell "miss bully" that she HAS to delete the pictures, but she would love that because she no longer has to be nice to me and instead see the chance to call me a slut and punch me in the face(she has punched a girl before). there is this quote, and i think it goes like,  "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing". i don't know if what has occured, and what will deffinately continue occuring is evil, but it is wrong, and the worst part about it is not the inciting action but that people allow it to happen, that they support such cruel actions and unkind personalities. it makes me hate people for continually letting others get hurt, not acknowledging it. i felt for so long when i was a kid, that we would all at least try to take care of one another, try to be considerate, for the most part try to be kind….this whole situation with "friends" makes me so mad because it flies in the face of that. and i don't know how to redeem my opinion of people

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  1. morningstar 12 years ago

    That's some disgusting behavior. I would assume it was illegal in a number of ways, it would likely qualify as sexual harassment if not something worse.

    You should always try to stand up against things that are wrong, otherwise you'll just be one of those people who allows things to happen. It is easier said than done, though. People become numb to the suffering in the world, and the suffering of those around them.

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