If my daughter’s former fiancé hadn’t shown concerning traits, they would of gotten married almost a year ago.

Garth Brooks song “The Dance” helps with situations like those.   Good and bad comes out of life.

I can’t dislike her former fiancé.   I really am grateful for the good memories and the journey when he was in our families lives.

My daughter said the other day that she realizes that knowing him changed her to be more of person she was meant to be.

It would be nice though if we could all gain wisdom and personal growth without the emotional pain though.

Some people just aren’t meant to stay in like lives and that is okay.  It is how it is meant to be.

Some people are meant to be in our lives for a reason and others for a season.

If by some chance – – – – if you are reading this…

I still think of you fondly for the good times and time is helping with the way things worked out.   You are who you are.  I am glad you stopped hiding your true self from her and us before you two were married.  Thank you.   I hope you are healthy.   I wish you were the man I thought you were in better times.  It is okay that you aren’t though.

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    lacey7 2 years ago

    Welcome Cam!

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