Why is it that anxiety feels like you have an elephant sitting on your chest? Okay, maybe not that heavy but you get what I mean ;o) I mean, why not have it channel into a hurt toe or maybe a week of not having to shave ones face. Okay, maybe a face for a guy and legs for a girl, unless you like hairy legs!
All these thoughts are giving me the impression that maybe someone in the “human” factory is playing a cruel joke. I was thinking the other day about how people hurt other people and how sucky of a deal for the receiving person it may be and thought, “would I ever wish anxieties on the punisher?” Heck no! I felt it would be less cruel to chop a toe off or maybe a foot or leg. Am I being too dramatic?
Given the world we live in, I had a decent day with the exception of a headache from school and anxiety-based stress. I think I’ll chalk one on the board of “kick anxieties ass.” Too bad I couldn’t be like Neo from The Matrix and pull anxiety out of my body, or the bodies of others and toss it somewhere far away like the surface of the sun. Wait, the sun has no surface, I think? Has anyone been there that could tell me if it does? Speaking of the sun, did anyone read about that ice comet that passed by the sun, and survived? How crazy is that!
Okay, enough rambling.. I thought it would be different share thoughts outside of my normal self… best wishes to everyone and happiness.
  1. coolbeans 10 years ago

    Dominic you certainly have a creative imagination! It would be nice to be able to take the anxieties out of the body and send it somewhere else. A black hole might work, lol.

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  2. irvineguy 10 years ago

    Totally, coolbean! Let the black hole and it be friends ;o)

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