To the People Who I Inspire to Be like. I\'m Having A Tough day, First day on this website hoping to make some friends, and thought writing a poem might ease my mind.

Reach Out To Me Please.

Just Like You

Wiry hair and boney elbows, my traits was just like you

While on my knees begging to be, my fate was just like you

Words of fire and passion ran out of my mouth, my debate was just like you

Wood to pale sheets spin circles to form language, I create just like you

Weeping to the naked sky but not hearing my interest rate was just like you

Where regret filled midnights keep me sickened my weight was just like you

When twisting into a mold that must be I translate just like you

With a touch of your hand color appears unabated I will be just like you

~Lilly N



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