I haven’t blogged in a long time. But i was talking to a friend yesterday and decided to do a bitch seccion.

    Having bipolar is the pits most of the time, but when you start cycling,it’s even worse. Not every week, or every day , but in the day itself.

  I can cycle up to 20 to 25 times a day. Sometimes it is really bad that my anxiety comes out with it. then to relieve that i do the bad thing to relieve the tension in the anxiety.

  On top of all this my mom had a heart attack, they were able to bring her back, Two days later they instaalled a pacemaker in her. she is slowly coming along. That sent me for a loop.

 I thing my depression part of the cycling has gotten worse now, than before, because of eveerything that has been going on.

  now i don’t even think of doing anything. no motivation. All i want to stay on the couch and cry.

  NOW on top of eveerey thing else my hard drive went for a loop. I took it to staples to get them to get them to put my windows 2000xp back in and when i got it back it was internet 8 which i do not want. (i could instal it myself and save $150.00) everything is just going wrong these days. So far i put out $300.00  for nothing.

  I’m going in today to go and buy another harddrive and it better have windows the old version in it.

 My glasses will have to waite.

  MY on line friends i hope you will help me when i get set up again, because evereything will be wipped out, and i have to start anew.

   sorry for the bit@h seccion.


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