Have you ever sat down and thought about the present and the past?

The good, the bad, the bittersweet memories that never seemed to last

Never would have made it without determination and stride

Went through lots of pain in life with barely anyone on my side

My little brother Malcolm has been there for me as much as he could

Some of the things I went through when he wasn’t around, he would not have understood

Been in many relationships that always broke apart

Felt like I was breaking into pieces, but that was my heart

Trust issues were a major barrier with the guys and girls I was with

Because I was scared that once again, I would be treated like shit

Scared to be hit again and scared to say the words

“I Love You” to another guy, because i always feared the worst

Would happen and I would once again be scarred, and bruised

When I think of one relationship in my past..I was so used

To follow his commands, and if i didn’t I was dead

But I wanted that anyway; just one shot to the head

Would have taken away my pain, but I didn’t want my brother

To grow up by himself, since we don’t even have our mother

Having lost her to the white powder that made me really sick

When I was born with developmental delays, everyone thought my life would quit

Overcame it with the doctors’ help and teachers along the way

Until the age of five, when I was adopted, a place to stay

I never thought stepping through those doors would be my misery

But what could I do? At first I didn’t see

Didn’t want to believe that the two I called Mom and Dad

Would be the worst parents that had taken care of and ever had

Out of that situation after my pride was forced to end

After he called me a bitch over and over again

Years later I overcame the everlasting depression

From that frightening night, all those days I bottled up tension

That is why I got scared to love, and when I tried it hurt

So when I met you, I have to admit I was unsure

But I soon began to love you, whether or not I admitted

All you have done is cared about me, and loved me though all of it

And I thank you for being there for me, and sometimes I get scared I am going to lose you

Baby I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BOO

And I am not scared to say it anymore because it is for real

The happiness and contentment in my heart that I feel

I wish that we could see each other and spend time together

Because baby, I want to be yours forever.

You taught me what love is, and I truly believe

that I am meant for you, and you are meant for me.

I love you.


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