This is my second attempt on this blog. I had to delete my first one because that was the only way I could delete the photo I uploaded with it. It was a pic of myself and my husband and on further thought I decided to delete it for fear someone might recognise us. Anyhow back to the blog. I met the father of my children when I was 16 years old. He was handsome, had a nice car and a big bag of pot, that was enough to get me interested. We were together for 14 years , had 3 children. We broke up because I wanted to stop doing drugs, but he didn’t, so it was for the best. A few months later he texted me and said he had something earth shattering to tell me. I thought he had cancer or something. How wrong I was. Turns out he told me he was bisexual. He liked men too. I was guttered. How could I not know this?? I went through all our photo albums looking for any signs but found none. After a few years of him having nothing but relationships with men, it was obvious he was actually gay. We eventually got through it, we are friends today. We have both moved on and found happiness and love with other people. We are both married now. I found my husband on a dating site, which is not uncommon these days. We have been together 8years and he is so wonderful. He looks after me and loves me. We are very happy.  So for all those suffering in bad relationships, have hope that you will move on and find something better. I believe people are put in our paths for different reasons and lessons to learn from them. xxx



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