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Just a small overview of why my life sucks sometimes. There is this girl that I liked and she liked me back, we got together for about a week and then she blew me off because of many reasons (reasons that were completely stupid in my book). The thing is, I don’t take heartbreak very easily. Like at ALL. I was posting things that were related to it just because that was my way of getting it out. Plus my family had no idea I was dating her (a.k.a my best friend). She was getting all mad about it, telling her friends that I was being all immature and that “Girlfriends suck, don’t get one.” Like, are you serious? You are the one that came to me when you wanted to tell me that you didn’t know what to do about your feelings toward me. You are the one that made a move first. Like don’t tell me that they suck when you’ve only dated one girl. One fricking girl, and that one girl was me. We were supposed to last longer than a week, we were supposed to last till I graduated. I told everyone that we were super happy to be together, and now all I tell them is how sad I am that I lost my best friend all because I wanted to date her.

We keep telling eachother that we miss eachother, and that we wish things would go back to the way they were before we told eachother we liked eachother. but we both know that they will never go back to the way they were before. It just isn’t possible. but yeah, my life sucks because I lost the one person I really love and care about, and it’s been hard for me to have any hope that I will actually find someone.

I know i’m super young, but still I want to be able to find someone that I can have fun with, and stay up late at night and watch movies and just hang out. (I want that before I go into the coast guard, before I get called to go in, before I’m out at sea for weeks at a time.) I just want all of that before my life actually happens.

  1. piscesbs 1 year ago

    IK the feeling. I’m still trying to get over my boyfriend who just…kinda disappeared on me in May. I have EXTREMELY bad seperation anxiety/fear of people and -due to this- tend to get EXCEEDINGLY PARANOID. When my boyfriend announced he was goin’ F2M, I was happy for him. I knew him for -like- 2 years, almost up to that point and I feel even deeper than I was already in for him (which is weird for me, honestly…) Everyone else I dated was cis and straight. It was really nice to have…but I still think about the man. IDK why, ’cause I was in EXTREME anguish and grief when he left (and did some really STUPID shit). I love him deeply and don’t even know where he is. And IK it’s FOOLISH to hang onto that, but…uggg…IK 17-18’s kinda early to have feelings like that but I miss it…IK they always say there’s another fish in the sea, but…I’m Pisces and I think I gotta depend on myself for a little while…

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  2. princess-lauren 1 year ago

    Honestly,that happens to me a lot. Like for example I dated this girl last year, then all of a sudden my grandmother,who I was very close to, passed away and as you can imagine I was heart broken. I told her that she died and how close I was with her. (Her name was Diamond ).I was heart broken. The day after she passed the girl I was with txted me and she started talking like nothing happened. And sometimes during the day I just wouldn’t respond because I was mourning her death and Diamond was getting upset because I was not texting her back as fast. And when I told her that we broke up she got very in denial saying how I was lying about my grandmother dying. Plus our whole relationship was based off nudes which I got addicted to right after my 1st boyfriend and I broke up. And since my ex and I broke up then all the relationships I have been in have been based off of guys and girls wanting my body and that’s what I have given them.

    It’s been hard to find someone that actually wants me for who I am and not my body. All of the past relationships I have been in we’re not so called “normal” ones. With in the first day or so it was “ oh I love you”…. blah blah blah.
    I want something real someone to like me for who I am and not what I look like.


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