My name is Alexander

I have:


Anger issues

unsettling thoughts



To my friends and family im not lonely

but i am

i need friends.

i was bullied and no one cared.i had no friends.

im still in school

this pandemic has ,ade me lonely and very sad

i cut myself but i stopped

im trans male

but no family of mine knows but they are openly transphobic

  1. dillon23 2 months ago

    I dont really know how this website works. But im here for you if you need to talk. Sometimes it helps to just get the feelings out there. I have been experiencing a lot of anger and depression myself so I can identify with you there.

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  2. newtscamander22 2 months ago

    It really sucks that your family is transphobic. I hope that you can find the support to feel comfortable in your skin. I recently started cutting and it can be really scary and confusing. I’m really proud of you that you stopped! That is a big achievement and you should be proud of taking that step to take care of yourself.

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  3. Author
    23skuhn 2 months ago

    i guess

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  4. norice1960 2 months ago

    Nice title…I read it. I “see” you. Sorry your family is transphobic. Glad you stopped cutting.

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  5. Author
    23skuhn 2 months ago


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