In 6th grade, I got into my first abusive relationship. 6th grade. Young right? As I believe I mentioned in my Elementary School blog, my parents got divorced when I was really young. I never really knew what love really was. I thought that love was only the downs and that there were no ups. Anyway, this relationship was verbally abusive. He would call me names and start rumours around school. He would flirt with other girls in front of me and be extremely controlling over me. After I got out of that relationship I was so broken down and I felt so empty without him that we ended up getting back together. The abuse cycle continued. We argued, he called me names, broke up, got back together, and repeat 2 more times. Getting back together with him caused lots of tension in my friendships. My friends noticed how he treated me and didn’t approve. They would tell me that he isn’t good for me but I ignored them. Looking back, I really should’ve listened. So much drama could’ve been avoided. My next relationship was even worse. I had moved on and stayed single for a while. Towards the end of 6th grade beginning of 7th grade, I dated someone who I thought was perfect for me. we got along perfectly and I thought nothing could ever go wrong. That all changed faster than lightning. We got into arguments almost every day. He started calling me names and started controlling my life. He walked me to class and didn’t let anyone talk to me. He took me away from all my friends. I couldn’t sit with the people I’ve known for 4 years during lunch. All because I had to sit with him. He got so controlling to the point of making me call him Mr. and Sir. During the summer, I found out he cheated on me so we broke up. I eventually moved on and dated one of my best friends when I was in 8th grade. He was the worst of all. I won’t talk about him much but…he would beat me if I said no to him. I had to call him Sir., Mr., master., and all that kind of stuff. He raped me in my own home and would control almost every aspect of my life. If I didn’t do or say something right he would pull my hair, choke me, slap me, kick me, or even sexually assault me. After many abusive months, we broke up and I stayed away from him. My math teacher at the time knew about this. This teacher was like a father to me. He was the wrestling coach and would let me stay during the practices. I would tell him everything. When he found out about what my(at the time) boyfriend was doing to me, he was pissed. He on purposefully failed him and told all the other teachers to fail him so I wouldn’t have to deal with him moving onto the next grade. During my middle school years, I was hospitalized due to my new addition. Self-harm.  I became addicted to cutting and burning myself. I attempted suicide so many times during my middle school years. I was a broken, bullied, and abused. I couldn’t do it anymore. After I got out the bullying stopped for a little bit until the worst of my ex’s starting drama again. At the end of 8th grade, I was sent back to a different mental hospital. My middle school years have been by far, the worst years of my life.


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