I would like to state for ther members on here that we a a diverse tribe.  I would also like to say that free speech need to be tempered with consideration and tolerance.

There is no requirement that people be religious.  I think there is a requirement to respect a person who sees the need to believe in a being greater than them selves.

For the person that does not believe who wishes to heap all the wrong of the world on organized religion seems to forget there is a world of difference between an individual believer and the institution.

As far as all institutions go, they are seats of power, they are humanly formed and by definition have all the shortcomings of individual humans.

Based on the previous premise, I would state that all institutions need transparency and informed involvement of their members.  This is true whether it is church, governments or corporations.

All of these institutions, at one time or other have been involved with crimes against humanity.

This is where my complaint lies.  Why can a fellow tribe member feel that he/sh  can be discourteous to another tribe member, in the name of free speech, because he/she can feel free to lay on the trangressions of the institutional church on this person and quite possibly feel personally maligned  if someone considered him a terriorist because the member is a pet lover and that he/she be personally held accountable for some of the terrorist tactics PETA has used to get some of the videos it uses to shock its members.

I feel agrieved because this member shot his parting volley, gave me no chance to respond before the member set the page to private.  Member can attack, without respect, in the name of free speech, but does not want to hear same reasonable rebuttles.  Sounds like cowardice to me.  My page is open to those who make reasonable statements and respect the person with whom they dialogue. 

  1. tick_tock 12 years ago

     well put.  tolerance is the spice of life.

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  2. swans 11 years ago

    Yes you are a good person.

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