well thursday is the frist thank giving that we will not have our daughter home which really depresses me ,i really miss her and wish there was a miracle that would help her get better  to be able to come home with us.I sit here crying know what these animals did to her and it hurt like hell knowing these animal really hurt this beautiful girl,i love her deeply,and it hurt like hell when i visit her and she beg to come home for the hoildays and i have to say you can;t  right now . also it hurt when she calls on the day i can not visit her.see i live in buffalo and she live in west seneca and the only way i have to ge there is bus and then walk 2 miles to where mollie is but i do it every week and she want me to go on thursday but i can not go cause buses run only every hour on hoildays so i went up early and made a dinner from home to eat with her but she  is still upset i can not make it on thursday and so am i ,i wish i could but there no way i can ,,,,i am so depressed because are family will never be the same again  because of these animal that just felt it was alright to abuser her and now i feel like me and her have the pay the price,,,I am the only thing mollie connect with and she seem s brighter when i come for the visit and tell i am the best mom she ever had andshe so sorry for beating on me with tears in both our eyes  i tell her not to worry about that i forgive her and i love her alot and i am trying to see if there anything out there to help bring her home,but until then she has to stay there which crushes me deeply and hurts like hell seeing her cry and beg to come home. now when i visit she been trying to leave with me ,holdng begging me to stay and not to leave her and i am the only thing she got that love her ,it hurt alot when he say that cause i wanna hold my baby and tell her everything gonna be ok and you can come home,but i know i be lieing to her…and can;t give her false hope and hurt her like that and tell her it will besoon only so i can calm her down and so she will go with the staff so i can go once again home with out my baby girl,so people enjoy your family and do not put off one i love you or reaching out t someone in need of kindness cause see if i could i trade place with her in a heart beat and let her live a full life but she will never cause of some abuser that bea her and now she got brain damage and i have to make  hard choice in life i don;t want to do at all,happy hoilday to all….

                                     this mollie my daughter


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  1. snowdreamer 12 years ago

    My heart is broken reading your story, I dont' know quite what to say except you are an angel to be her life support.   You have sent a message that everyone  should read, to be thankful for what we have and who we have in our life.  thank you and God bless you and your daughter….

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