So Jesse Thea and i are moving to Bellingham this month. Its in really south Bellingham, a new area to explore.  Im happy and freaked out. Both of our cars are dead, we need to sell them cheep. We need to get a new car. We have to pack and all that shit. Ad on top of all that Loki is missing. He has been gone for 19 days now and I cant take it. I cant stop freaking out that we wont find him before we move. That cat was and is still the best pet I have ever had ever!
But in other good news I just have to take my math test for the GED and then I am off to WCC, I have finacial aid all done and I applied and all that stuff so its all good.
So if anyone want to get a car that isnt running for like 300 let me know. But they need to be towed. They need to be cleaned and sold in less then a month. JULY is the moth of panic and caose. So busy and stressed out.
But if I can find Loki that would take a HUGE load off my cheest and my poor heart.
Im going to miss this house but not all the drama that has happened here. Soon it will just be Jesse thea and I and the cats. In a nice small 2br apartment that pays for w/s/g and cable! yeah! I miss the travel channel.
I just feel too over whelmed! I mis my cat so bad, I have neer been so attatched to a pet in my life! I dont know how to move on or if I should give up or keep trying. I dont want to give up. Im trying to have faith in his return! I love that cat so much, I ant stop crying and freaking out!
But I need to get ready to take thea to her DR. apt.
Just with my luck with LOKI and SCHOOL and a CAR! I need it.


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