Hi, My name is Chris and I have suffered with mild OCD symptoms my entire life, but after my divorce my symptoms exploded and I was left with such Anxiety and Panic over contamination that I was becoming boxed into my room and not wanting human contact at all.  It affected my relationships with my loved ones and I felt hopeless at times.  I was so isolated but I also wanted human contact. I had so much stress and it was taking a toll on me physically.  I lost a lot of weight in a short period of time.  I could not eat or sleep.  The stress hormones were taking a toll on my health.  I was desperate for relief and my doctor gave me a prescription.  I remember thinking if I take this who is going to protect me?  It was a powerful moment for me and I realized that I was trying to protect myself.  I was alone and I was trying to protect myself.  It has been a journey of self discovery for me and I hope I can help others, that is my dream.

I have worked so hard at improving my symptoms and I have made incredible progress over the last 3 years..  I want to share what has helped me and I have created a website (www.infointoaction.com) and I have published a free Ebook (Get Out Of My Brain)  with some strategies that really helped me.  Check out my blog page to get your free download of my Free Ebook.  I am sharing what helped me, and I hope it helps you too.  I know the pain that OCD causes and my goal is to help people relieve their symptoms and live a happier life.  Please give me feedback on what you think of my website and my free Ebook.  I hope my work helps you.  With Love, Chris.




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