i am usually not one to tell other people, ‘oh poor me my life is horrible’. my life isnt horrible. right now, its just really hard. i had a MAJOR melt down at work today. i was originally hired to work in the toddler room of this pre school. i did that for a while, and was really good at it and very happy. then, the economy decided to take a  shit on the world (now i know thats not exactly accurate, but bear with me) and the enrollment in the toddler room went down and my hours got cut and i was put inthe pre k room. i did this for a while but then i started missing my meds and my confidence plummeted and my boss pulled me out, cut my hours AGAIN and stuck me back in the toddler room with only 3 hours a day with the hopes that enrollment would go up and i would be back to full time. well it didnt. then our cook quit. so i got pulled out of the classroom completely, got a pay cut and more hours and more work. today was my second day in the kitchen, i was making barbeque drumsticks, corn, grapes, and crousants for the whole preschool in a kitchen the size of my bathroom with no training all the while feeling very hormonal and with drawling from my ocd meds. im running back and forth washing things and re washing things dealing with raw chicken and the thought of feeding the stuff to the children and what if they get sick cuz i did this or that wrong and what if what if what if. thats when i run for the bathroom and start sobbing hysterically. then i get to walk through the school all red puffy faced and try to explain to my boss what is going on without hypervenhilating. SO EMBARRASSING. then i put my 2 weeks in. now i have to find another job like NOW because we already cant pay any of our damn bills as it is. so that is my rant on why my life is hard.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 13 years ago

    Yes gypsy, life is hard , the economy is in the toilet and lots of people are caught in this mess. Maybw you could babysit for someone who still has a job or maybe could do fast food food service.  This is a tough patch but it shouldn’t last forever.  You keep on ranting, you don’t want to turn this inward and take it out on yourself.  Rant until your exhausted.  If you’d don’t want to do it on line, then write in a journal,  but don’t let the energy of this hard patch overwhelm you.  lol

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