Hi, everyone Sorry for the late reply back

My first therapy session was Monday July 9; oh my God I had so much anxiety when I woke up my heart was beating fast. It takes me awhile before I open up to people because I have to observe then and watch them in action and how they treat and interact with other people before I start talking about myself. But with a therapist you cant do that its only you two in a room together . I found her on a website called Psychology today.com if any of you guys are interested in finding one. You can find a therapist in your state, zip code area that specializes in OCD. So when I found this therapist I was able to read her profile and she had her own website. And I Google what others people had to say about her all were good comments so I made an appointment.


Therapist ask me why I can to see her I said OCD, Depression, Anxiety. I told therapist how I hated touching objects, people, things off the floor because everything had germs to me and that I would catch something if I touch it. I told her I have a lot OCD issues sleeping in strrange place, using other people utensils, checking my door, stove , lights. I told her I joined a support group and she said that is a good because we are all motivating and helping each other. I told her I didn’t want to take medication that I wanted to tackle this with help, she said ok.


I told her about my weekend pushing the shopping cart at grocery store, holding pole on bus. She said that was good but don’t do much so I won’t have a setback.

The therapist said with OCD I have to tell myself "It's not me; it’s my OCD, reminding me and sending false messages to my brain. Saying there are germs everywhere, door is not lock, and the stove is not on.

The Approach the therapist will use to help me tackle this OCD is (CBT) Cognitive behavior therapy.

She said it’s not the thoughts themselves that are the focus of treatment; it’s what we make of those thoughts in the first place. One of the first things a person will be asked to do is to think of a recent specific example, when the OCD was really severe. Then I will be asked to go into a lot of detail, and try and understand what thought(s) (or doubts, images or urges) popped into my head at that time.

For example, with me when I meet someone they always want to shake my hand and I hate doing it. I know they have shaken other people hands or the touch other things so they are spreading germs on me that I can’t get rid of even when I wash my hands two or three times. I would stare at person hand and think they have germs on them I can’t touch their dirty hand. I told my therapist I always keep hand sanitizer, rubber gloves and winter gloves in my bag because I never know when I need to wear them.

I felt really good to release my feelings and anxiety I have about OCD. I often get depressed thinking people don’t understand this is hard to deal with but I don’t want this OCD to take over my life. So every day I have to touch something and journal how I feel when I touch it.

  1. leannets 10 years ago

    Good for you!

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  2. chez 10 years ago

    I am glad you are getting help that is a big step forward i am doing CBT aswell i wish you all the luck with you'r recovery.

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  3. DotA 10 years ago

    Thats great ! how is your CBT going for you with your therapist

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  4. DotA 10 years ago

    Hi, Everyone Sorry I haven’t been writing in a while.

    Therapy going good I am touching things without even thinking about it. I just do it automatically. I ride the  cat bus  when I need to go place  so  I am touching pole to hold on and when I have to add money to my  bus card I touch the machine to put my  bus card  in slot. After I touch something I never touch my face or anything when I see a McDonald or public restaurant nearby I go and wash my hands put on hand sanitizer and I feel better after that.

    Today I went to museum group of girls ask me to take their picture I did and use there camera did not even think about the fact that I was touching some else camera.

     I sat on bench, and concrete didn’t think about germs at all.  So I am very happy and proud of myself.

    My chiropractor is a teacher who studies Germs and he said germs are everywhere we need them to live. There are germs floating in the air you just can’t see them.  Your skin is protecting you. Germs are healthy.   Well even though he told me that it didn’t help, I   told my chiroprator  it will take time but I am getting better at touching things


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