If this offends anyone I apologize but I’m going to unload my negative opinion here so that I don’t carry it further. Ok so what do you think depression is, a disease or a moral weakness. If you like the disease idea is it because that makes you still a moral person. So its a disease your not responsible feel free to continue to feel sorry for yourself because there’s nothing you can do about it, just imagine that inside your head there is something broken and if you take the right meds the broken stuff will work right. Probem solved and you should’nt even have to think hard or be put in any uncomfortable situation. Now just go and ask anyone who has any type of recovery from depression if that’s the way it happened!

So its a moral issue? Maybee? The doctors don’t think so. I’m a decent person except for the fucked up thoughts about ending my life because I can’t stand it anymore. If you tell me that its because I’m just so fucking self absorbed that I’m bringing myself down because I want everyones attention and pity, I’ll believe it because I think it anyway,and of course my problem will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. I’m to fucking depressed to just go without the satisfaction of expressing it to the world.

 I just dont think it matters. I tell my shrink this stuff and he congradulates me on my ability to think critically, and bills my insurance company another hundred dollars. As it stands I see people looking for help with this mindset that we live in an ultrasophisticated age where problems like depression are understood and easily treatable. You hear about depression tribe and you read the anecdotes on the sign in page about how great it is and you think. Well ok, sign up, flick a switch and start piping in the good vibrations. Not quite. In terms of a cure for depression were still in the stone age. You come to places like this to get helpful hints like "go find two sticks and rub them togather until you get an ember and then give that ember just the right amount of wind and tinder. With practice you’ll get yourself a nice warm fire going and you can move on to other challenges".

People have gotten over crippling depression. Ask them all you want for the secret and no one will ever break down and say " OK OK here’s the secret, dont let it out or everyone will know how easy it is!" Its not that its hard you just practice one day at a time. Dont listen to that voice in your head that says negative shit like I cant change the way I think and these people dont know me. Practice is learning, learning is changed thinking, and with a positive reward like less misery, the reward system is the greatest thing ever. Go find a self help book, there’s a million good ones out there. Come to places like this and relate. You say no one can help you but no one can stop you either.

 This all brings me to the point I’ve been trying to make. I’ve been here a short time and seen a lot of blogs from people bitching about how they get treated in the chat room here. Ya it messed me up at first to. How can people be so rude at a place thats claim to fame is support for those with depression. I can tell you this, as a stand alone cure for depression, the chat room will work less well than professional care or meds.Its not the secret miracle cure that you think it should be. Like I said I’ve been here a short time and I’ve allready seen a dozen people go into chat and tell everyone there that they were about to kill themselves. People tried to help, tried to get the person in crisis to open up but it never works. I have enough sence to know that I’m saying this because I really care for people. Some of the people who hang around in chat here have hearts of gold because they continue to subject themselves to an onslought of newcomers who are just looking for someone to blame their misery on.  Remeber the chat room is provided by Depression Tribe not the Association of Wonderful Well Balanced Citizens. At its best it is a good place to practice facing up to your own problems and learn to deal with them from the safty of the internet. 


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