When I was a kid I though that the  LGBT+ group was strange. I had nothing against it, just was confused. Picking a gender may seem easy when you are young. Whatever your parents tell you, you go along with. Not everyone, but some people start to doubt their given Gender. I myself do this. It is so complicated. If there were no labels or stereo-types it could be so much easier. Sadly that isn’t reality. I grew up Female, for that is what I am biologically, but around 3 months ago I started to doubt that. Was I really Female? Did I want to be, did I feel like one? My answer, after much thinking was, no, no I wasn’t. But I noticed that I did not fell like a boy either. So I looked up what the term was and found it was agender. The story is not this simple though (I wish it was). I thought I was agender, but one day I felt like a female and acted like one. Then the next day I felt like a boy, and acted like one. noticing that I was not neither but both genders. So now today I am gender-fluid. But then again, I’m still not sure. Now as part of this group I do not see how weird they are, I see how smart we are. Why would anyone limit their gender or love group to one or two. Why not be and love all? Then again we all have our preferences, mine may be they same or different from yours. When school gets out I plan to cut my hair short and tell my friends. This is if my confidence goes up.

“You don’t fall in love with the gender. You fall in love with the Person.”

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