Hello …….. I have to vent before i continue to be bent oh gracious me I did it again …………. well then …… I am sick from being wrongly judged around here I am not manic and anyone who really knows me hell even they think its bipolar at this point ……………. I was not going to write this but then in an instant I hear our Bryan say let em have it kid say it get it out if you dont you will become more ill………………… Yeah ….. Interesting in case none of you know this and i am not saying it to be condecending nor cocky its just the simple plain truth …It was I who found out about Bryan where he was and that he has crossed over while sitting with his friend at a both in an area dinner I suppose it was not certain ………………. I called every place I could think being an old school Nurse ….. and yeah I can be a huge pain in the ass I bother myself sometimes hell I understand …………… Long story short the state officer spent hours trying to locate our Bryan and thank goodness he did …….. you all are like my family and yes I have had disagreements with some of you a few horrific ones and trust me I am deeply and sincerely appologetic its haunts me …………. I do not have an evil bone in this short stack of a bod ………. I rather help people heal than to hurt anyone thing is I wont bend over back wards to help someone only if they really want it have to ask me I try not to makeASSumptions …….. I come here cause I need to want to feel sometimes like its a have too……..I spend lots of time in my home being in contact with you all it keeps me going and by the way i love to laugh The Psyciatric meds I was on became toxic I have an illness called cushings disease and non metastatic adrenal carcinoma sometimes I shake and cannot type but its you all …. I have met some of the most incredable peeps ever here so please keep me in your prayers as i always keep you all in mine if your not religious cool do what ever works for you or not lol what evah one big family one more thing there is someone here you all are gonna need to keep your eyes on when I am not around and her name is …………….. yeah right hahahah your for real some of you thought i was gonna write it out huh giggling na not my style well thank you all for "listening" like Ellen D says be kind to one another lots of love oh please do not call me Andrea its Sparkie or moon or wolf or shit head lol any thing but k just for now it will pass i need to try and keep it light appriciate all the support its a two way street

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  1. MoonWolfEagle 7 years ago

    forgive me i used the wrong word i meant the word for spread ..


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