Well, I had therapy this morning and we talked about how my daughter has taken on the role of grandma and I've become mom.  We live together and I guess because I'm alway here and will take care of my grandson she thinks it's ok to sleep till time to go to work!  Everyday she works till 11pm comes home watches some tv and goes to sleep and sleeps until time to go to work again.  She spends no quality time with her son.  Some nights seems like more lately she's been going out after work with friends and I've told her if she's not coming home just let me know she won't be here and to keep her phone charged in case I need her.  Did she, no.  So the therapist told me again I have to talk to her one more time and try to get it in her head she has to get up with her son, when she is here I'm not supposed to do anything just like if we didn't live together but when I try to talk to her she gets really defensive, oh well it's her son….now I'm not only taking care of him but my other daughters newborn and they are both angels but I'm so tired at night and my body hurts more than usual and now I'm having an FM flare from all this stress and doing more than usual.  My skin hurts if you even blow on it, my clothes touching me hurts!  Those of you who have Fibromyalgia  know what I'm talking about.  The flare could last a day or a week you never know.  This interfers with me taking care of the babies and that depresses me more.  I've been so depressed and in pain I just can't do everything the babies need but I try and then when they are asleep I love that time if I could only feel better…

  1. DanBousho 12 years ago

    It's good you are in therapy!  I found that very helpful, not only with my moods but my whole life too.  I think the two things go hand in hand.  If you control your mood then you control how you feel. 

    I hope you get things straight with your daughter.  I would have loved for my mother to have done more when my children were little, she was too busy.  Listen to your therapist, sounds like you need to set up some ground rules with your daughter.

    Thanks for the post earlier on, if you move forward with any books let me know, I'll share with you what I've learned.


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  2. treegirl213 1 year ago

    You remind me of my grandma. She and my aunt have basically taken on the role of my mother, to the best of their ability.

    My mom wants me to visit her and she wants to be my mother, but when we are there, she might as well want nothing to do with us.

    She’s always with her boyfriend. Then she complains and wonders why we don’t want to be there.

    And it doesn’t help that she decided to move an hour away.

    I really hope things get better for you.

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