i just really wanna die at this point. i’m at my breaking point, like everything is so bad. i feel like i’m suffocating and i can’t breathe. i’m in physical pain everyday because i don’t want to be alive anymore. my family can’t see how bad i’m suffering and my friends know i’m dying inside but i only have one friend i can open up to about things but even then i don’t tell her everything and i still keep 90% of my problems to myself. and just thinking about talking to people about my problems or going to therapy gives me more anxiety and actually feels like i’m going to have a heart attack. i can’t open up to anyone and no one knows how bad i feel because i can’t tell anyone. and i feel like if people did know why i always want to die they would be like what the fuck these aren’t even real problems and think i’m insane or trying to get attention but i’m not i’m really suffering and i don’t know what to do.

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  1. jason01 4 years ago

    wanna talk? or text my number is 6028259868
    Or we can chat on here if you would like

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