I never thought that I'd have to say certain things until I became a mother, but wow…I sound alot like my mom when I say some things. For instance, tonight my boyfriend was just really pushing my buttons, mainly because he was asking just question after question me looking things up for this video game that he's been playing none stop. I don't mind looking things up for him, but he does it in an annoying way. He'll ask me a question and then while I'm looking up the answer he asks me other questions, or he'll ask me for more details about that question, or he'll mumble the question and I ask him to repeat it and he doesn't answer…those things just really drive me insane. I see it as I'm looking something up as a curdisey to him, he needs to give me his full attention or stop talking and wait for me to give him the answers. I don't know, that's just me.

But anyways, finally I just told him "Baby, right now we're going to have quiet time, ok? For 30 minutes or until we go to bed we are going to have quiet time, no talking, no asking, no anything." And then I explained why he was getting on my nerves and he understood. But my god, I sounded exactly like my mom when I told him it was quiet time. It seriously urks me when I'm doing something for someone and then they somehow stop me from doing that thing…now he's making hand signals to me…I've never met anyone who can annoy me SO bad but can make me feel so good about myself sometimes…

My day  was REALLY boring. I was going to make some chicken alfredo but for some reason his mom thought that she needed 2 whole chickens for chicken noodle soup; which made me sick. Also, I got a little depressed when I realized that I won't be able to make it down to California for my little sister's 18th birthday party. In order for me to go there I'd need about $600 (that includes cost of the plane ticket, round trip) and we currently have about $300. My sister's birthday is next month, we could probably save up and I could go but then we wouldn't have money for rent and everything else we need (like razors, gas money…etc), also I desperately need new clothes. I've been losing more weight and nothing fits anymore except for my shoes and socks.

Whenever I start to think about our financial situation I get really depressed and want to start crying. I really wish that I could just find a job. It seems like over here it takes almost a month just for someone to look at your application, for some reason about 5 of the places I applied at the managers or people incharge of checking the appilcations all decided to go on vaction at the same time for about 2 or 3 weeks. This sucks right now and my stomach isn't making things any better.

Oh, nice fun fact, my boyfriend went 13 minutes without takling…according to him that's a new personal record.

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  1. arcania 12 years ago

     I'm sorry you can't make your sister's birthday, but I'm sure she understands. I hope you are able to find a job soon (and that your boyfriend annoys you a little less)!

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