I always hate when *ahem* "Kids these days" use "FML" (Which stands for "Fuck My Life") when things happen to them such as: Getting stuck babysitting; breaking their new cell phone; not getting to go to the school dance; etc.

Normally, I hate the term and always wish to say, "You think you've got it bad?" to the people who use it. But I think today, I want to say "FML" for once. I know people have it worse right now (the cliche parent argument of starving people in 3rd world countries), but today has not been good.

Today, it was decided that the coworker who has a history of harrassment will now be my next manager. On top of that, she and I both had the same time off scheduled for next month. We would have had the time covered just fine if my current manager was still going to be here, but she will not. Since this coworker has seniority (or however you spell that) over me, I don't think it will matter that nearly $700 has already been spent (and is not refundable) for my trip. Nor do I think it will matter that I was already approved for the time off.

Secondly, I fear that this coworker will use her new position as an excuse to start harrassing me again. Mind you, this coworker has blatently harrassed me in the past. She'd rearranged my desk on five separate occasions, one of which was directly after I'd told her I did not like her doing so. So, to me this is a real possibility that she'll start back up again. I also fear that if I try to argue or report the harassment, I'll just get fired.

So yes, today I actually want to use "FML" even though I've always been against it. Because I'm pretty sure things are going to be a lot different from now on, and likely not in a good way.

  1. Serrinatta 9 years ago

     There won't be an opening, actually.  At least as far as I've heard.  Part of her DSM work will be pushed onto the other DSM and this coworker will be doing both DSM work and Manager work.  I would like to train the other DSM in using our computer system.  Then that will mean someone who knows the system will be here  while both of us are gone.  But I havn't heard if that will happen.

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  2. hidnseekin 9 years ago

     I am so sorry that you are being put through this… but keep in mind, it is ILLEGAL to fire you for whistleblowing (complaining about harrassment). As a matter of fact, I think it would be wise to talk/e-mail whoever approved this move in management and just let them know about the previous harrassment situation…then they will be aware, possibly keep an eye on the situation or rethink their decision to place as your manager. Plus, contact whoever is over the time-off (overall for the building/business) and explain that both you and this new manager have the same time off approved, and let them know that it is not possible to change the plans you have made. 

    I hope that this helps you somewhat  🙂 

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