Why is it just as i think things are back on track something from out of nowhere jumps up and smacks me in the face and says – haha not doing as well as you thought are you? Things were getting back to normal in my relationship and then this morning my bf turns to me and says he's not happy because of the things i siad to him in our last arguement!!! I'm glad he's talking to me, but the way he said it was as if to say, its your fault – if you hadnt said anything to me i would be fine – but i am doubting myself because of you. And its really annoying because now i feel like its my fault for telling him the truth and tryin to work through our issues!!!! WE had a long talk and WE discussed OUR problems, and WE came to a solutions WE made up. Can you see why i am soo confused as to why he feels like i made all the decisions and feel like crap? I tried to be supportive of him and was reassuring but then he had this look on his face like – now you're upset i spoke and now you're angry i shouldnt have said anything, so i reassured him and tried to work through it. Then he just clammed up and said its my fault and doesnt want to discuss it with me. WTF!!!! what have i done wrong here!!! so i brought it up a few hours later and explained that now i felt like i had done something wrong and felt like i was being punished for telling him how i felt in our last arguement, and like i couldnt tell him what the problems were for fear of upsetting him. Which is stupid, because if i hadnt told him, we would have split up and there would be no more us. What am i meant to do??? please pray for my sanity for i fear that i will loose it! love to you all, and hope you are doing better than i am! xx


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