sitting here at the picnic table at the ice cream place, still no ice cream, but they have good tenderloin sandwiches. it looks a lot like rain,with just a little breeze and it feels so good to sit outside. i think i might have got a co worker fired last night but the object of my plan? was the pharmacist. this guy doesnt pay attention to what is in front of him and the correct label was on the wrong drug. granted the tech is at fault first, but the blame lands on him cause he is the last one to look at it. so of course i told the pt please call our 800 number and file a complaint, so she is. now most of the time, the other pharmacist will cover for the mistake maker, so i made sure everyone heard me say, you have to file a incident report on this one, don't you? we'll see. then karma bites me in the butt today when i didn't say i'm fine thank you over the phone to this ass wipe of a person, he had to talk to our acting manager, and says he is calling the better business bureau on me. found out that others have had issues with this same person too. i have enough issues to deal with dont need a man with baby boy issues to distract me. and several of us are pissed that we have to work the 4th, after working all the previous holidays and the chosen few don't. the i'm on vacation that week just doesn't fly anymore. i'm so ready to write that letter to the editor that i have wanted too since living in this town. seems we dispense more controls than any other pharmacy in town. hope every one has a good holiday, party happy and play safe peace and blessings


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