just got back from our 3 day area convention. i got to teach 2 workshops and did 24 narathon meetings. heard some great speakers. gave 15 newcomers my phone numbers, got 3 new sponsee's and gave my phone numbers to over 100 addicts. somebody mentioned on one of my blogs that i think i have all the answers. Far F#@king from it. the more i hang around the less i truly know. told me i need to work on my anger and aggression. that my EGO was getting in the way. let it be known that EGO stands for Edging God Out. somehow that message was missed. i only make the suggestions to read my blogs for suggestions that have worked for me and a lot of people who contact me from all around. I do not have all the answers and sometimes i'm not to sure what the question is. the blog i wrote about 10 hours ago was removed by the tribe mod. that was not fair. somebody else can talk shit to me but i can't talk back?


i come to this site because it has helped me stay clean. i hopefully had helped others stay clean. if even one addict has stayed clean because of me then my job is done. so let's just say i have worked the steps thoroughly 7 times and am back at step one. i don't have any issues i need to deal with. i just need to concentrate on me and my 11 sponsees. so if you all are tired of me blogging just say the word and i can take my experience, strength and hope to some other recovery site. this is a we program not a me program. i hope you always remember that. together we can. alone we're screwed.

last saturday night when we did our clean countdown it went from 54 yrs cleans down to one day clean. it was an awesome sight to see 850 people celebrating another 24hrs together. recovery is a journey not a destination and use the rest stops God provides along the way..


NA hugs,




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