Being pregnant is amazing. An experience I truly feel honoured to have. I do love it, but I now at 36 weeks gone I am missing having my own body a little bit. Especially since whenever he moves now it makes my body jerk or I also have to move to accomodate his movement. I keep being told he will settle down at some point or that for some reason or another I will feel his movements less, but I have been able to feel him pretty much constantly since 23 weeks. It's like his practicing for a vocation as Ninja when he comes out. Of course its lovely that he is so strong and has such great energy don't get me wrong, but my whole body aches constantly which painkillers do nothing for. I feel kinda exhausted all of the time and as for being hungry I don't think a band of horses would satisfy me! My boyfriend is wonderful and when I discussed my ailments with him he expressed sympathy and offered good help and reminded me that at the most I only have 5 weeks to go. I feel guilty for not enjoying every single moment of this amazingly great thing that pregnancy is, it really is beyond words, but its just not human nature to enjoy being kicked in the stomach 24/7 for over 10weeks!

I am supposed to have a driving lesson today. Before I was pregnant driving never interested me, but I dred the thought of having chilren and no car. I don't have long left to squeeze a few lessons into, but I'm so tired and sore and I have wicked pregnancy brain. I don't know I may be forced to put off my driving until I have our son in a routine.


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