ok so my friend imed me today. i had been raped at a supposited friends house about 2 months ago and nothing came about me telling the cops about it. now the the kid that i was at’s house(eric) is going around saying that im lieing! here is the convo. i just dont know what to do anymore 🙁

qtbaby61689 (9:51:48 PM): geuss who imed me
bumblepunk86 (9:52:51 PM): who?
qtbaby61689 (9:53:15 PM): eric
bumblepunk86 (9:54:07 PM): oh well i dont care about him
bumblepunk86 (9:54:16 PM): or are u talking about eric g?
qtbaby61689 (9:55:00 PM): no eric p
qtbaby61689 (9:55:27 PM): he tryed 2 covince me that ur were lying bout the hole rape thing
bumblepunk86 (9:55:37 PM): what?
bumblepunk86 (9:55:41 PM): what else did he say?
qtbaby61689 (9:56:03 PM): just that the person didnt do it
bumblepunk86 (9:56:14 PM): omg
bumblepunk86 (9:56:18 PM): wait nicole
qtbaby61689 (9:56:18 PM): i dont belive him any ways i belive u
bumblepunk86 (9:56:30 PM): u need to tell from the beggining
bumblepunk86 (9:56:34 PM): what was said
bumblepunk86 (9:56:50 PM): because i need to know try to remember how it was brought up please
qtbaby61689 (9:57:19 PM): he was like do u talk 2 the queen of drama queen’
qtbaby61689 (9:57:27 PM): and i said ya
qtbaby61689 (9:59:13 PM): then he was like she yelled rape at my house and i was like i no then he was like it didnt even happen than i said ya but y would she make it up and he said cause she dosnt get eongh attention wit her fam
qtbaby61689 (9:59:26 PM): then i stoped talkin 2 him
bumblepunk86 (9:59:38 PM): ???
qtbaby61689 (9:59:50 PM): he said that holly told him that
bumblepunk86 (9:59:51 PM): omg im going to kill him
qtbaby61689 (10:01:19 PM): u there
bumblepunk86 (10:01:22 PM): im saving this convo i hope you know and iming it to holly and and i will be iming him actually no i will be going to his house next time i go to ipswich and going to his land lord who happens to be KEVIN FROM SOLSTICE AND I WILL BE GETTING HIM EVICTED BECAUSE IM SO SICK OF THIS BULLSHIT

*mind you holly is my best friend in the world and she would never i repeat NEVER say something like that!!!!! i dont know anymore im so sick of ppl!!!:sad::sad::sad::sad:

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  1. GodsRose 15 years ago

    I’m so sorry to read about what has happened to you and I am here for you if you ever want to talk.I know we just barely met,but I am here for you,whether you just need to vent or you just need someone to talk to.If you have yahoo, feel free to i.m. me at troelovewaits and yes its mispelled on purpose,because I never fixed it.I’m glad to be your new friend!Take Care,Rose

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