How can pople be so nasty, well there out there and i find out the hard way once again, a so called friend was very nasty to me…. Well it all started when i posted on facebook

just wanting to announce to family and friends that Jeremy Mark Scanlon and i are expecting our first child together later this year so excited cant wait to see my new buddle of joy.. ♥

Yes i am nine weeks friends

All was fine, heaps of congrates and all that untill i got this…

what a fuk up . Dont you know about abortion….

and this

truth hurts those who dont know the piece of lazy shit she has tried to fool herself and others that she is happy with. Best bit is she does not have to choose to unfriend me germy. I choose not to associate with dum people and looser like you germy..

all my friends had a go at her, i just put that was nasty and you called yourself a friend…

then i get this inbox

i have Blocked this person, but this is the inbox i got…….touchy touchy. Truth hurts. What a fine example you are. Hope it is born retarded like him that is what you deserve.

well i really dont understand how nasty some people can be…

I did tell her she can no longer call me her friend.. Thats not a friend…

where do people get off saying those nasty things to a so called friend… Just couse you did'nt like my life and who i was with casue i am happy and have all that you want.. She has a really big problem….jealous… and called herself a CHRISTIAN…..

How can a happy time turn so much into stress….

Sorry for going on just need to vent…..

  1. Fightingforme 12 years ago

    Some people are just mad haters. I personally would not lose sleep over this. I know people like that and I do not associate myself with those kind of people because they are insecure with themselves and childish. People like that love to bring others down because they are unhappy with themselves. Keep going on with your life and should not spend their time worrying about yours.

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  2. nickstar 12 years ago

     Thank you to all of you… 

    She  longer my friend…. 

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  3. HoneyBunny 12 years ago


    Hi Nic, and congrats!  Sorry about that awful experience….with friends like that, who needs enemies?  Don't let her destroy your happiness, I think she's a jealous person.  True friends don't hurt each other, or make cruel remarks.



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