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1. Throw the roses
written by me

left inside a dark hole, with nothing to call my home
I wait for my savior but it seems he isn't around
fairytales you told me love happens to everyone
Jesus you said good things happen to those that believe in you, then why am I on my knees crying? Why do I feel so fallen? I have no one I can trust
I'll throw the roses hoping for the right guy, I'll throw the roses thinking jesus will see and make sure I'm happy. I'll throw the roses hoping it gets the demons away. I'll throw the roses hoping I don't feel so lame. I'll throw the roses. I'll throw the roses.

crying on the floor with blood on my arm. They say the gods see everything but can the gods see the dept of my pain. All I want was a man I could call my soulmate but I come up dead. All I want was someone to hug and kiss but there is nada. I don't want to die, but my heart is broken. I'm locked and key

2. Never Lie to A Lady
written by me

You said you loved me, you said we are forever you said you were a sweet guy. and you said you would never cheat. You said I was your soulmate, you said I was your baby. you said you were going to make tons of money for me, you said I would have your baby. But it was all a lie of course it was of course it was. You said I was the golden one, You said you were not still mad? I guess I could yell fuck you but what is a girl to do? I can't control my anger honey when I think of you. You said I was pretty it was all a lie of course it was of course it waa. of course it was. And I gott something to tell you never lie to a lady. She will come back as a bitch and haunt you, so never lie to a lady.


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