I had a visit from a long term survivor co-infected friend today, he was recently told that he has a health issue going on that there is no cure for, he was told that his liver and kidneys will eventually shut down. Then he told me he is not going to go like Jack did, he told me he saw the fear in Jack\'s eyes when he was lying in that hospital bed just waiting for his time to come and he saw the peacefulness that overcame Jack\'s face once he passed. He had seen that same fear in others faces while they were waiting for that time. He does not want to go through that fearful part of death. He has his demise all planned out including letters to his friends. This conversation has left me troubled. I think we all have our own idea of what we consider an acceptable quality of life, this person has always been adventurous and a world traveler, the virus\' have taken all that from him. He seemed very calm and happy with his decision while he was talking with me, he expressed worry about his wife and her ability to be responsible for her life and her ability to be able to make the house payments.This was obviously something he has been thinking about for a long while. This has made me think again about what I consider a good quality of life and what steps I will take when I feel my time is nearing. He has my blessings and knows he can come talk to me when he feels the need to talk, this is something I don\'t think he feels he can talk to his wife about. All I can do is be supportive. But it is unsettling knowing these details.


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