hello everyone, I was wondering if any of you guys had experienced auditory hallucinations. in my case, I started to experience it after I began medication treatment. 3 days after of my first medication treatment, I've heard train coming near to me sound before I fell asleep. and later, music playing by record music machine, old pop songs, woman screaming, guys/men talking and people's laughing sound. usually it's people's voice or whispering or just train sound. as some of you guys may have know, I've stopped meds for many months and re-started it again, stopped, re-started it again. I think I've repeated it more than five times.. and every time I go back to clinic, even before I go there, I'm determined not to stop it in the middle ever again. but my psychiatrist gives me meds for one week – probably he needs to see me how I react after taking them and see what I need? – but then the problem is one week didn't seem to work. my self-hate is so bad that I cannot go out. I was just too afraid to go out. that's why I couldn't continue the treatment. but last time I went there two weeks ago because I really really needed help. I cannot even describe how bad I was doing. he said I should really come get help without quitting (he said it in a nice way) and I told him I felt like my condition was just like the first time I came here which was very bad. I was diagnosed as severe OCD in 2011. I was back at to it. I felt like I've wasted my money and time for the meds in the past but I stopped taking meds because I had will that I could get over with it w/o any help. but in the end, I needed it in order to function .. on my daily life. if any of you are thinking to quitting medicine, please don't. I'm saying this for your sake. really don't quit it. you'll only get back to your bad days. I don't want others to go through what I've been through because it was really horrible and nobody couldn't understand it at all. more over, they don't take it seriously even.. but yeah so i started meds two weeks ago, not a high dose and I'm hearing these auditory hallucinations again, before I fall asleep. I am somewhat getting used to it but really idk .. weird.. do any of you guys have experienced this? this time I'm experiencing different gender whispering to my each ear at the same time so I can't even catch what they're saying. and some machine sounds – not train -. I've told these to my doctor a few times before. I will tell him this Wednesday again and ask what is happening, really. please write comments. I really need to hear from you guys !! thank you

  1. TheTallestOne 9 years ago

    Hi Caspincolour, I'm sorry your having a difficult time with meds and the auditory sounds. I have had some experiences with sounds in my head but they only lasted a day. I was more concerned with your self hate statement. I was wondering if you could talk about that? Is it only ocd related or are there other factors. Also, if its really hard to go out, maybe a family member or friend can go with you?

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  2. telknit23 9 years ago

    I also had brief auditory hallucinations (mostly random sentences or phrases as I fell asleep).  Only lasted a few days.  Still seeing occasional pinpoints of light, though.

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